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Who We Are
We are Sisters dedicated to prayer for the sanctification of the world. Our special charism is Perpetual Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Each Sister takes her turn adoring Our Lord as He is Exposed on the Altar.
Our community is originally from Veracruz, Mexico and we are a bilingual community, speaking both English and Spanish.
We observe Papal enclosure and we are a contemplative community. We do not go out of the monastery often, as our lives are dedicated to adoring Jesus in the Eucharist for the salvation of sinners, for priests, and for the many intentions of the faithful around the world.
While our main apostolate is that of prayer, we make hosts to help support ourselves. We are also next door to the Cathedral, and so it is our privilege to take care of the Cathedral as sacristans.
Our History
Beginning of the Order
The order was founded in Italy by the Servant of God, Mother Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation in 1807. she founded a monastery to be totally dedicated to adoring the Most Holy Eucharist under the protection of Our Lady of Sorrows.
Our Monastery in Sioux Falls
Our Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Joseph was founded in sioux Falls at the request of Most Rev. Robert carlson. The founding Sisters arrived from the Monastery of san Juan Bautista de coscomatepec, Veracruz, Mexico to adore the Lord in the Holy Eucharist and to pray for all peoples, especially those in this diocese.
Our Foundress
Mother Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation was born in Italy on April 16, 1770 as Caterina Sordini. she had a lively temperament and after sustaining some injuries in some childish escapades, Caterina began to settle down. she became engaged to a young man in the village, Alfonso Cacece.
Before the couple were to get married, Alfonso had to take a trip to Constantinople. It was during this trip that Caterina took the opportunity to dress in her finest and decked with her jewels given by her fiancé she went before a mirror. There, her reflection was blurred and faded, and in its place, she saw in her mind's eye Christ hanging from the cross and irresistible words came inviting her to exclusive love and devotion. This profound experience caused her to faint and when she recovered she was a changed young woman. After consulting with her spiritual director and parents, Caterina joined the Franciscan Tertiaries in Ischia di Castro. There she began religious life as Sister Mary Magdalene of the Incarnation.
During the novitiate with the Fransiscans, Sister Mary had another vision. This time she foresaw that she would found an order dedicated to perpetual Adoration. Sister went on to make her vows with the Fransiscans. Eventually she became the Mother Abbess. It was in her second term as Abbess that she gained permission to found the Sisters of perpetual Adoration.
After founding a monastery of cloistered Sisters, Mother Mary Magdalene continued in her life of holiness. Many miracles were attributed to her in her lifetime. She was called home by her Divine Spouse in 1824. Mother Mary Magdalene's cause was introduced and she was declared venerable. Her body is venerated in Rome.

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