Is It Cheaper To Ship My Car Vs. Drive It Across Country?

Are you planning on moving your car across the country but not sure if you should go for a DIY route or hire a pro? Well, being a car shipping company, we’ll obviously side with hiring one, but at Easy Auto Ship, we don’t say or do anything without a good reason or reasons backing it up. So if we are asking you to hire a pro for the job then it means there’s a good explanation to why we are saying this. Let’s see some of the reasons behind this below:

Cost of Travelling:

Driving your car across the country means having to bear a number of costs. These include the cost of fuel, accommodation, and food. Plus, if your car breaks down on the road or gets a flat tire, you’ll have to spend on these things as well.

With auto transport, the cost of food, accommodation, and fuel are shared by you and other people shipping their cars. 5-10 people pay for one or two people’s food and lodging and the fuel for carrying their cars. This makes car transport across the country a better option.

Car’s Wear and Tear:

When your car is being transported from point A to B, it stays still on a trailer. The trailer moves while the car is securely parked on top of it. This doesn’t cause any wear and tear on the car as it’s firmly parked in place.

However, when you drive the vehicle across the country by yourself, it receives a lot of wear and tear, resulting in a decrease in its financial value. You’ll not notice this right away, but when you’re selling it, those extra miles you drove it will reduce its value.

Your Safety:

What if your car breaks down on the highway at night in the middle of nowhere? You don’t drive across the country on a regular basis, you’re not familiar with all the routes, and you don’t know how far the next fuel station is. You’ll be deserted, and dangerous people could be lurking around you.

Or, since you’ll be driving for hundreds of miles already, you may get tired and sleepy, and driving in this condition is very dangerous. But if you ship the car via an auto transport company, none of these things will matter as you’ll be sitting on your sofa, binging on Netflix while someone else moves the car for you.

Cost of Time:

Chances are, you don’t drive across the country so often, so you don’t know the fastest routes or the ones that are dangerous to maneuver through. It can take you a lot of time to finally reach the destination, while a truck driver who’s trained on the very roads will do a much better job going from your location to the destination. This can save you time, and you won’t have to take off from work as well – save those leaves for vacation.

Effort in Driving:

You don’t just save the financial cost when you hire a car shipping company to move your vehicle across the country. You also save the cost of effort that you put in when driving the vehicle to thousands of miles.

It can cause your back to hurt pretty badly, plus your neck will become stiff from watching the road for several hours. All of this labor is not worth saving a few bucks on car shipping costs. Hiring a professional vehicle shipping company can save you from all that hassle.

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